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Fairey Marine Hunt 18.

Fairey Marine Hunt 18

The moulds for the Ray Hunt Design 18ft and 14ft  arrived at Fairey Marine, Hamble in the mid 1960’s.   Only a few 14ft versions were built but the 18ft GRP hull with cabin, fitted with a single outboard or Volvo 110HP inboard sterndrive achieved moderate speeds around 30 Knots, but some more powerful V8 models went over 40 knots.

The 18 footer in GRP was extremely popular in North America with the Canadian White Fish authority, who used them as a not only very seaworthy stable boat, but one which planed as well.  These were constructed with a flooding floor, so when stopped the bilge below the floor flooded and when planning the water drained out via a large hole in the submerged transom.  This gave an extremely stable hull for working and a light hull to achieve planning speeds, typical of Ray Hunt who must be the Naval architect with the most small boat designs afloat, his expertise ranged from Americas Cup 12m Yachts to the smallest children’s starter boats.  

They also had the ‘flaired bow’, to give a dry passage through the water, for such a small boat, they had amazing ability when at sea, so enjoyed a unique commercial application with fisherman & Coastguard.

This boat is offered with a 50HP Outboard, which has not finished its running in schedule and newly fitted to the hull.   She is currently ashore on a trailer, but may be launched anytime.

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