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Fairey Cinderella 15` inboard sports boat - SOLD - picture 1
Fairey Cinderella 15` inboard sports boat - SOLD - picture 2
Fairey Cinderella 15` inboard sports boat - SOLD - picture 3
Fairey Cinderella 15` inboard sports boat - SOLD - picture 4
Fairey Cinderella 15` inboard sports boat - SOLD - picture 5
Fairey Cinderella 15` inboard sports boat - SOLD - picture 6

Fairey Cinderella 15' inboard sports boat - SOLD

The ‘Cinderella’ was manufactured by Fairey Marine from 1956.  By 1960 hull no 39 had been launched.  This boat is in outstanding condition, and one of the few remaining. The black & white photo dates from 1956, with an original Gale 35 HP outboard and Charles Currey of Fairey Marine driving.


A small number of Cinderella’s were fitted with inboard engines and called  ‘Carefree’, so losing the rear seat.  These being similar to the all alloy Albatross Sports inboard built at the same time.


Spray rails had been used in pre-war sailing dinghies to provide lift and keep the deck dry,  these were applied to keep the bow up and make the Cinderella a safe seaworthy runabout. The ‘Cinderella’ is designed with flared forward sections that prevent nose diving and make the boat dry.  These design features were carried through the Fairey fleet making the range famous for their safety and sea keeping. Currey a naval architect was one of a group who made the sailing dinghy available to the post war generation and the Fairey Marine mass production process achieved this at an affordable price,  he specialised in the planing dinghy hull and the Cinderella was the first fast production Fairey motorboat after a few amusing experiments with the existing dinghy hulls.  This boat building system has stood the test of time and now the marque is well established in the collectors eye,  few Fairey Factory Cinderellas have survived.


Specification of the day 

Construction: Hull and deck hot-moulded on the Fairey patent system from Agba veneer.  The Hull bottom and topsides being homogenous; four laminations being used on the bottom and three on the topsides.   Transom and bulkheads are in marine plywood.

Steering:  Steering wheel, column and scroll (as fitted) run on ball bearings in aluminium alloy housings, giving sensitive and light steering characteristics.  Provision is made for direct attachment of steering wires to most makes of outboards.

Seats: Battern mahogany and can be upholstered to suit purchaser’s requirements

Fittings:  Aluminium alloy bow cleat and fairlead.  Moulded  wrap-around windscreen with aluminium alloy surround and fittings.


Measurements: Length overall:  14ft 11in.  Beam: 5ft 6in.  Moulded depth: 4ft 11in.  Weight less outboard: 448lbs.


Price £9,950 (trailer available by separate negotiation). Viewing: South coast


Prospective purchasers are advised the particulars above are solely to advertise the boat from the vendors information and they should make their own deliberations prior to considering purchase. Any points of concern should be evaluated by their own agents and the purchase contract specifies their concerns upon which they may wish to rely.

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